Twana’s Portrait Session | Oscar Matthews Photography | Birmingham, AL

Here are a few images from Twana’s recent portrait session.  We shot late in the afternoon to try and bypass some of this Summer heat in Alabama.  Our session was cut short by an afternoon shower, but that didn’t deter her one bit…

At this point, the rain started pouring down! It let up a little bit and she was able to change and get in a few more shots before the heavens opened again.

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  1. Janet Akers Hollings

    Only divas can look cute in the rain and Tawana, you are indeed a true DIVA!! LOL. Oscar your work is impeccable!

  2. Twana is commenting on her own pictures. Great Job to the photographer. Oscar you are awesome at what you do. True talent shows up in great work. Although we had some down time with the rain the pictures turned out Excellent. In all they I do I try to do it wit a touch of Excellence. It was hard work changing into outfits & trying to beat the rain, but it was worth it. ( I’m ready to do it again when you say the word) Thanks Oscar!!

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