Jordyn’s Christmas

Jordyn’s Christmas

Over the Christmas holidays, my niece Jordyn figured out how to operate the blinds and seemed to be very intrigued by items in the back yard. I decided to take her out for a few pictures. She really is the cutest little thing, and it’s amazing to see how quickly she’s grown. It seems like just a few short weeks ago she was an arm baby, and now she walks and has her own little attitude when she wants to. It’s also funny to see how she lights up a room when she shows up. There’s something about babies that makes people of all ages smile and talk in high-pitched voices.

Jordyn provided lots of laughter while opening her presents this year…between spinning in circles & dancing to music from one of her toys, to completely destroying her doll house every time my brother put it together, I have enough “cute” footage to embarrass her with when she’s a teenager. While taking some photos in the back yard, I realized that almost every time I see her, my camera and lens are not far behind. I imagined her saying, “Aww man, there goes Uncle O with the camera again!”


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